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    Through material studies and sampling, I experiment with paper, recycled/repurposed materials, and fabric to create abstract compositions that allow me to respond to the material and get lost in exploring the geometry as it relates to form, line, and texture. I predominantly work in fibers, a medium that inherently allows for slowing down in the act of making. Weaving is a process that requires time, attention, and math. It allows me to be present for every vertical and horizontal line. When creating rows of yarn intersections, stepping back after many hours, something tactile is created. I enjoy the meticulous, complex, and slow process of this kind of making. My current work in progress focuses on the beauty and complexity of fabric that is easily overlooked while exploring form, color, line, and texture.

      I create the illusion of depth through origami forms, line, and the value of the fabric. When creating origami, there is an attention to detail that is fascinating to me. After marking, creasing, and folding one fold at a time, there is a sense of magic when the paper or fabric pops and folds into the place it has been informed to go. Reacting to the nature of the materials is important to my process. I find it meditative to cut forms out of paper and fabric with no plan, deconstructing the original plane, then responding to the edges and forms to then piece a new composition. Lines are then placed on the compositions to skew the illusion of depth, making it unclear the perspective of the forms. I create to explore design and form in correspondence to geometry and spatial relations. 

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